Lucca, Italy 2012

Lucca, Italy

Beautiful Lucca was home for a week of sketching and painting and bike riding. A feast for all the senses.

Excited and filled with the wanderlust of a child, my itchy sketching fingers caught airport people on laptops and cell phones.

 After a long flight the Starbucks in Amsterdam was a welcome caffeine stretch for Bill and I on plush green sofas with multilingual conversations all around us.

Lucca's sunfilled days were perfect for casually biking to the next gorgeous view to get lost in the sketching.

Older Italian gentlemen gather each day to play board games and visit along the park wall.

Two American women share an afternoon wine while discussing Italian men and what life would be like if they lived in Italy.

The airport in Florence was an interesting wait as I sketch people while guessing what their Italy story was. Ours was coming to a close with a very satisfied storyline.

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